our sacheted teas are now available in 50 count bags for online purchase

Sacheted right here in the Hoosier state, these premium teas are perfect hot or iced. Read the descriptions below to choose your favorite then click this link to direct you to our shop site. Selections include…

Citron Green – Sencha tea flavored with Meyer lemons from Australia. A local favorite!
Jasmine Pearls Green – Hand rolled and scented 10 times with premium Jasmine petals.
Chamomile Tisane – The soothing liqueur made from steeping this flower is naturally caffeine free.
Green Rooibos Tisane – This root is only grown in South Africa and is also naturally caffeine free and said to have great healing properties.
Peppermint Tisane – Essential oils in this plant are known to aid digestion. Naturally caffeine free.
Ti Kwan Yin Oolong- Oolong teas go through an extra step of curing to give it a full, complex flavor.
SoBro Breakfast Blend Black- A blend of the highest quality teas from the Assam region. Named after our Indy warehouse’s neighborhood.
English Breakfast Black- Assam & Ceylon teas make a delicious lemony drink that is perfect with milk & sugar.
Earl Grey de la Creme Black- Bergamot oil, vanilla & mallow flowers come together for a wonderfully aromatic & smooth tea.
Masala Chai Black- Our Celyon tea mixed with “Masala” spice mix that includes clove, cinnamon, cardamom & ginger.
Darjeeling Black- For all you fancy ladies out there! This floral & nutty tea is said to be the champagne of teas.
Lili’s Blend Black- Named after the last queen of Hawaii, this China Black tea is flavored with mango, peach, apple, orange & guava.
Keemun Black- Smoky with a rich pine flavor, this tea is sourced from Northern China.

Our barista’s most recent favorite is iced Citron Green with honey! Try all 13 selections in a 12 count tin. Then when you’re hooked and ready to commit to more, save $$ by buying bulk in 50 count bags. If you store your tea away from light & air it can stay good for over a year