coffee seasonality

You may have seen or heard our tagline somewhere along the way – born of a simple desire: to offer the finest coffee and tea available. Well, that’s not just an empty promise. And because of it, we want to educate you on some of the practices we adhere to in order to ensure that every time you purchase one of our products, you can rest assured that it is simply the best that is available.

One of our core principles here at Hubbard & Cravens is to treat coffee like the seasonal product that it actually is. Like those of us here in Indiana know, you can’t compare a tomato grown in your own garden during the summer months with one that you purchase from your grocer in February. It’s just not the same. It may surprise some people, but the same is true for coffee; it is a seasonal product just like produce.

Each coffee growing region experiences a rainy season. When it is over, blossoms will grow on the coffee bushes’ branches, and eventually, a cherry will grow. Nine months later the cherry will  ripen and become ready to pick, after which comes washing, drying, milling, sorting (which can take up to three months), and finally, shipping. After all of this, the coffee is at its absolute peak of freshness, with beautiful acidity and mouthwatering flavors.

However, as the months go by, these wonderfully special, fresh coffees start to lose their unique characteristics and become bland; not nearly as noteworthy as they once were.

Luckily, as times goes by, the seasons change and new harvests become available from elsewhere in the world. Our goal is to introduce and educate our customers on coffee seasonality; it is a simple and easy way to ensure the absolute best possible coffee experience, day in and day out.

So which coffees are in season, and when? While it’s dependent on when the coffee shrubs flower, which can be affected by drought or heavier than normal rainfall, in general, Northern-hemisphere coffees (for instance, Central America) are at their best between May and October, and Southern Hemisphere coffees (South American and African coffees) are best from November through April. Places located directly on the equator (such as Colombia, Kenya, and Sumatra) can enjoy multiple harvest seasons.

Think of this as an opportunity to branch out and try new things; to keep your coffee experience interesting and ever-evolving, all while knowing that you are drinking the finest and freshest coffee available.