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From central Aceh, this Sumatra has the full body and low acidity that we love in a Sumatra with a great sweet & syrupy flavor. Hints of cedar are present in the cup. Rick fell in love with this coffee last October when he met with the members of Koperasi Pedagang Kopi Ketiara women-run...READ MORE
100% Kona with a clean & sweet cup. Flowery notes with hints of mild lemon and milk chocolate. Our Kona is an heirloom Kona Typica varietal fancy grade from a 170 years old estate. We use 100% Kona! Blends that you will find at other shops only require 10% Kona (the rest is filler from who...READ MORE
From the city of Antioquia in Colombia, this micro prep coffee is sweet with great apple & watermelon notes. This coffee has a balanced acidity & full body due to the experimental process in which the coffee is processed. Pedro Echavarria established his estate three decades ago and is...READ MORE
Rick & Marcie spent days cupping coffee and hand picked these as their favorites from the Naranjo region of Costa Rica. Read below for the descriptions and remember that we ship all over the United States so try a pound today! Amalia: With hints of citrus throughout the cup, traces of black tea...READ MORE
Our newest Micro Lot from Kenya is balanced with a juicy, sweet cup filled with flavors of peach, lemon zest, tomato jam and other intense floral & savory flavors. This western region of Kenya is on the slopes of Mount Elgon, an ancient volcano, that straddles the Kenyan-Ugandan border.  The...READ MORE
There was a glitch with our Credit Card processing system dating back to October and November of last year. If you visited any of our locations in those months, please be aware that you may see a charge this week for that purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your continuing...READ MORE
Our next Coffee Republic features District 30 State Senator Scott Schneider. Join us on April 17th at 8am for a great discussion. Our Broad Ripple location will be ready to serve delicious beverages to accompany you for the discussion. Coffee Republic is an open forum on local...READ MORE
This Tanzania Peaberry has intense flavors of green grape, black currant & hazelnut throughout with a creamy mouth feel Tanzanian coffees are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, under the shade of banana trees, truly an exotic location for this east African coffee In the United States the...READ MORE
This Kenya is winey and tart, bright but clean and balanced with grapefruit and raspberry notes. The Thika region is just northeast of Nairobi where this coffee is wet processed and sun dried. AA grades are assigned based on the screen size of the bean with AA generally being the largest bean....READ MORE
Our 100% Kona is an heirloom Kona Typica varietal Fancy grade from a 170 year old single estate on the big island. It’s a clean, sweet cup with flowery notes and hints of mild lemon and milk chocolate....READ MORE