roasting: the art and the science

Each coffee has its own unique characteristics and nuances of flavor. Bringing them out requires an artful touch, skilled judgment, and well-trained eyes and ears. Our Roastmaster’s expertise is crucial to ensuring that each and every coffee we source is roasted to its full potential. ┬áSubtle variations in roast time, temperature and airflow allow each coffee to reach its peak flavor.

Roasting coffee is a science as well as an art form. We demand a consistent quality from the coffee estates we buy from, but so many factors, including even the weather, can alter the chemical makeup of green coffee and the roasting process. Our two gas-fired roasters have a direct weather satellite link, allowing them to adjust to changing atmospheric conditions. Our roasting technology allows us to record every batch, ensuring consistency each and every time. These factors enable us to have complete control over the roasting environment, accommodating the differences in growing altitudes, processing methods, bean size, density and moisture content.

We also understand that timing is critical. After coffee is roasted to its ideal taste profile, it is cooled and then carefully, but quickly, packed to seal in the fresh-roasted aroma and taste. The time between the roaster and air-tight packaging is less than an hour, and then it is shipped to its final destination within 24 hours.

With twenty-three years of experience under our belts, along with an uncanny ability to adapt to changes in consumer trends and preferences, our roasting practices are steeped in knowledge and a sincere reverence for the products that we source, develop, roast, and sell.