selection: a hands-on approach to quality

We travel the world in order to offer a unique coffee and tea experience to our customers. From treks through the lush, green coffee estates of Costa Rica to the cafés of Italy, you can see and taste the diverse, worldly influences. Throughout our journeys, we have forged relationships with family-owned coffee estates throughout Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. These strong relationships at origin assure quality and consistency of product and price. Ensuring that the growers we work with are successful and prosperous is also of utmost importance to us, so we guarantee a price, set far above international fair trade standards, is paid directly to them.

Great coffee is also inherently produced by sustainable methods. We work only with growers who value the economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and communities. Although we offer a large selection of organic, Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified products, everything that we offer, certified or not, typically falls within these same guidelines.  Because of the premium, artisanal nature of the coffees that we source, and the direct relationships we have with the growers, we are able to assure that every coffee we offer is produced with utmost sustainability, and is always procured at price much higher than fair trade standards.

We’re very discriminating about the coffees we choose and buy right from the beginning, and we take quality control very seriously. Cupping, whether at the source or in our own cupping room, assures that the coffee we serve and sell possesses the same quality, aroma and taste that we diligently tested it for before purchasing. When unroasted green coffee arrives at our roasting facility, we roast it in small batches to fine tune the perfect taste profile before we approve it for shipping.