colombia san pascual micro prep

From the city of Antioquia in Colombia, this micro prep coffee is sweet with great apple & watermelon notes. This coffee has a balanced acidity & full
body due to the experimental process in which the coffee is processed. Pedro Echavarria established his estate three decades ago and is joined by his three sons in all aspects of the production process. The Echavarrias have a vertically integrated farm in which they oversee every step of the process from starting seedlings to the finished green bean which ensures traceability & quality control. Attention to detail goes into all processes of the coffee production with experimentation in every step of the process to help produce a better finished bean. One notable experiment that has lent itself well to this coffee is the chilled fermentation to help slow down the yeast production (similar to controlled fermentation of beer). The focus of the farm is quality not quantity and is apparent by the constant and continued education the family provides for all its workers. Rick & Marcie met the three brothers that help their father with this estate when they attended the SCAA Event last April. Being such charming gentlemen, it was a relief to Rick that their coffee was as great as they are!