Bali Honey


Notes of chocolate, pear, and honey comb accompanied by a medium body and mild, citrus fruit acidity.



This coffee comes to us from the volcanic lands of Kintamani in beautiful Bali. Bali is referred to as the “Paradise of Indonesia”, and for those who have been fortunate enough to visit Bali it goes without saying that there is no other place quite like it. The island’s blend of rich culture, friendly Balinese, amazing culinary, year round sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and nature make Bali one of the most remarkable destinations in the world.

Our Bali Honey gets its name from the way in which the coffee beans are processed, the honey process. This means that the coffee cherries are left to dry in the sun without first being pulped, allowing the sweetness from the fruit of the cherry to seep into the bean, endowing the coffee with a natural “honey” sweetness.

The Balinese farmers who produce this coffee follow the Tri Hita Karana philosophy in their everyday life. Those following Tri Hita Karna seek to achieve prosperity through creating harmony with God, harmony among people, and harmony with nature and the environment. In the realm of coffee production, Balinese farmers are able to achieve harmony with nature by watering their crops using a natural irrigation system known as “Subak” that draws water from a single water source, preventing unnecessary destruction of the surrounding lands and fruit trees that shade the coffee. In a further display of adherence to harmony with nature, the use of pesticides is also prohibited on Bali and all fertilizers are 100% organic. All of these practices combined with the rich volcanic soils in which this coffee is grown make for a remarkable and delightful product.

When drinking, expect a smooth cup with notes of chocolate, pear, and honey comb accompanied by a medium body and mild, citrus fruit acidity.


1,200 - 1,300 masl
Mild citrus fruit

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