Colombia Carmen Montoya


Notes of brown sugar and lemon accompanied by floral aromatics, a medium body, and green apple acidity.



This Coffee comes to us from the farm of Carmen Cecilia Montoya Patino in Antioquia, Colombia.

Carmen has been producing incredible specialty coffee ever since she took courses on the subject in 2011, paving the way to her taking first place in the Colombian Cup of Excellence Competition only a short time later. On her farm, Carmen only produces a special variety of caturra coffee known as caturra chiroso, known for its citric and floral cupping profile. This coffee is considered to be a unique “mutation” of the original caturra variety as it only grows in Antioquia region of Colombia.

To ensure that her coffee is treated with the respect and care that creates great products, Carmen only hires female head of the family pickers to pick only the best cherries at the height of ripeness. To Carmen, this ensures 3 things: that these women and their families have stable incomes, that the product is treated with care, and that they are able to ensure the best harvest possible.

Expect a floral cup with notes of brown sugar and lemon accompanied by a medium body and green apple acidity.


1,830 masl
Green apple

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