Costa Rica Don Fernando


Notes of honey and juicy orange accompanied by a bright, citrus acidity and medium body.




This coffee comes to us from Finca Don Fernando, a 3 hectare farm located in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

Even though Jorge Vasquez only has a 3 hectare farm he has been able to consistently produce amazing micro lots year after year. He has owned his farm since 1998 and over that time has cultivated and sustained a culture of quality over quantity. All eight bags he produces every
year are milled at ASOPROAAA (Agricultural Producers Association of the Communities from Aserri and Acosta), an organization of local agricultural producers who helps provide the surrounding areas with technological, financial, and managerial support.

We have known Don Fernando for over 5 years and are truly lucky to be able to partner with him and showcase his coffee in our stores.

Expect a cup with a syrupy mouth feel and notes of orange and honey throughout.



1800 masl
Bright citrus

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