Costa Rica Finca Los Papillos


Notes of floral, sweet, and clementine accompanied by a medium body and delicate citrus acidity



Finca Los Papillos, the name of the farm where this coffee is grown, is by every definition a family farm. Located within the small municipality of Los Robles, it is owned and managed by Miguel Angel Cabezas, his wife Miriam, and their children: Luis, Noylin, and Jonathan.

This coffee’s secondary name is even Noylin, the name of one of their aforementioned children. Their sense of family extends beyond the bounds of their own flesh and blood and out into the coffee world at large. When our assistant roaster, Elliott Fouse, visited the family farm this year, he was greeted with open arms, treated like one of the family, and even stayed for several days.

Over the years, Los Papillos has remained one of our favorite coffees not only because of the special relationship we have with the farm, but also for the coffees’ complex flavor profile. Expect floral, sweet, and clementine notes paired with a bright citrus acidity and medium body.


1550 masl
Mild Citrus
White Honey

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