Costa Rica La Perla Villa Sarchi


Floral, red fruit, and milk chocolate notes accompanied by a bright, pointed acidity and medium body.



This honey processed villa sarchi comes to us from Naranjo, Costa Rica, where our friends Carlos and Diana Barrantes cultivate many sought-after bean varieties.  Together, they own five small farms in Naranjo as well as the La Perla del Cafe Specialty Micromill where they process all of their coffee. Owning their own micromill ensures that they are able to oversee every aspect of the coffees journey from the harvest on their farms until the bagged and ready to roast coffee leaves their property, truly allowing them to control the quality of the product they put out.

This particular villa sarchi was processed using the “honey” method. This means that instead of washing all the fruity mucilage off the beans post fermentation, Diana & Carlos allowed some that fruit to remain as the coffee dried on raised beds. By processing this way, they’ve assisted the cherry in endowing more fruit forward notes, sweetness, and a smooth clean finish to the cup it will eventually produce.

Expect floral notes accompanied by hints of red fruit and milk chocolate coupled with a medium body and pointed acidity.


1600 masl

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