El Salvador Tres Potros


Notes of cherry, red apple, and raspberry accompanied by bright acidity and a medium body



This coffee comes to us from Finca Tres Potros in beautiful El Salvador. The name means “three colts” in Spanish, and it represents the strong familial bond between brothers who set out to grow the best coffee in the country.

For years, our coffee-passionate partners, Carlos and Gerardo Flores, have been experimenting with new varieties and processing techniques. They are constantly seeking to innovate, improve, and set the quality bar higher and higher. They have become world famous for their Pacamara large bean variety that has consistently placed in the Cup of Excellence, and they have experimented with fermentation techniques historically used in wine production. We have been proud partners of theirs for years, and have hosted them for a week at our home facility in Indianapolis.

Like their other coffees, this Pacamara Natural is complex yet approachable, showcasing what coffees can be when grown in ideal conditions and shown exceptional care. Expect notes of cherry, red apple, and raspberry accompanied by a bright, malic acidity and medium body.


1,240 masl

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