Ethiopia Biftu Gudina


Juicy, floral, and strawberry notes accompanied by a crisp, lemon acidity and medium-heavy body.



Named after the cooperative which produces it, Biftu Gudina comes to us from a remote pocket of the Agaro Region of Western Ethiopia.

Before the Biftu Gudina Cooperative was created, coffee farmers in the Agaro Region had to walk their cherries over 5 miles to the nearest mill in the city of Beshesha because there were no reliable roads. This method of transportation was time consuming, damaged the coffee cherries, and decreased the value farmers received from their crops. Addressing this issue became the first project the Cooperative took upon itself, constructing a a wet mill in the Agaro Region and then connecting it to Beshesha by a gravel road. This allowed the farmers to control the processing of their own high quality product and reliably ship it, leading to both a better product and better wages for the farmers.

Through the successful sale of their coffee beans, the Cooperative has been able to continually invest in the community and lives of its members, bringing consistent electricity as well as a kindergarten to the community in recent years. Today, 155 members spanning 2.5 miles belong to the Cooperative and come together to produce a product that serves as a perfect example of the world-class coffees that come from this region. Expect a juicy, floral, strawberry filled cup that is both bright and honeyd.


1,950 masl
Crisp lemon

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