Guatemala Finca Beatriz


Notes of cherry, nut, and milk chocolate accompanied by a syrupy body and citrus fruit acidity.




This coffee comes to us from Finca Beatriz, a beautiful farm located in the San Pedro Necta region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Owned and operated by Felipe Ramirez and his two sons Carlos and Leonardo, Finca Beatriz is known for producing sweet, specialty coffees at an elevation of 1750 masl. At these altitudes and with the incredible soil quality found in Huehuetenango, the Ramirez family is able to produce some of the most highly sought after specialty coffee in all of Guatemala. When he first started coffee farming over 30 years ago, Don Felipe only had a few hectares of Finca Beatriz dedicated to coffee, but as the coffees produced on the farm started to increase in quality and desirability, more and more of the farm became dedicated to it. Today all 17 hectares of the farm are used for coffee production and cultivation and the Ramirez family have become known as pioneers in coffee research and development; experimenting with new processing methods and fermentation techniques and helping to drive development and change in the coffee industry from their home in the mountains.

We were fortunate enough to be able to cup this coffee when we traveled to Guatemala in March 2020 and were blown away by its balance and sweet, citrus fruit notes that remained present throughout the whole of the cupping process. On a trip that saw us cup over 100 incredible coffees, Finca Beatriz managed to grab our attention like few others had. We are so grateful to have had the privilege of tasting the hard work of these farmers and cannot wait to share it with you.

Expect notes of cherry, nuts, and milk chocolate accompanied by a syrupy body and citrus fruit acidity.



1800 masl
Citrus fruit

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