Guatemala Finca Pachuj


Notes of plum, cocoa, and strawberry accompanied by a green apple acidity



This coffee comes to us from The Santo Thomás Pachuj Estate in the verdant Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. During a relationship building origin trip this year, Drew Hubbard, encountered the owner of this farm (Andres Fason) and instantly connected with his ideas of quality control and his passion for farming specialty coffee. Because the estate is built in such close proximity to Lake Atitlan; as well as the extinct Atitlan Volcano, Andres, is able to grow coffee in some of the most nutrient rich soil found anywhere in the world. Andres’s coffee even took 1st place in The Anacafé Atitlán  Coffee Competition of 2017.

Knowing all of this, it should come as no surprise that the beans grown here produce exceptional, complex, and heavily sought after coffees. When evaluating this coffee in the lab, we found it to contain a harmonious balance of both sweet and tart notes. When brewed, expect a cup with a medium body and green apple acidity -accompanied by notes of plum, cocoa, and strawberry.


1,300- 1,600 masl

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