Guatemala Finca San José del Lago


A medium cup with notes of chocolate, lime, and strawberry accompanied by a mild acidity.



Finca San José del Lago is located in the Western highlands of Guatemala, department of Sololá, right in the middle of the famous Atitlán Region.

“Eduardo Cabrera, the fourth generation steward of his family’s property and lifelong coffee grower, could not be more exuberant about his sense of place. In his own words, ‘coffee is family, tradition, memories, happiness, and a little suffering; but I wouldn’t trade anything for the adrenaline during the beginning of harvest, my olfaction that never tires of the smell of the coffee flower, and the landscape of the lake, the volcanoes, and the coffee trees!’ Finca San José del Lago is on the southern shore of Guatemala’s breathtaking lake Atitlán, long considered a place of ancient importance and still home to some of Guatemala’s most visible indigenous communities. Atitlán’s surface sits at almost 1600 meters and is a volcanic basin surrounded by dramatically steep escarpments, and, as Eduardo describes, numerous volcanoes. As one might imagine, the terroir here is exquisite for coffee, and a lot of coffee is grown in various communities around the lake, many of whom still successfully grow typica and bourbon, the first varieties planted in the area. However, it is rare to find coffee from single large estates such as San José del Lago. Processing on the farm takes place in the family’s historic wet mill. Cherry comes in from the farm, is depulped, sorted by density, and fermented in handmade tanks. After fermentation it is cleaned and then dried on a combination of raised screen beds and tarps. San José del Lago shares farm profits with employees and invests in their education, as well as donates portions of its land for community development projects which so far has included a medical clinic, a school, and a water tank for the town of Santiago Atitlán.” – Royal Coffee

Expect a smooth cup with notes of strawberry, chocolate, and lime accompanied by a mild acidity


1600 mas