Guatemala Huixoc


Notes of cashew, red wine, and dark chocolate accompanied by a tart, lemon acidity.



This coffee comes to us from Finca Huixoc in the lush mountains of La Democracia, a small town in the Huehuetenango province, in northwestern Guatemala.

This coffee’s name, Huixoc, which means “water spring” in the mam dialect, was given to this beautiful farm by its founder, Jose
Olivio Chavez in 1940. Jose was a coffee exporting & marketing pioneer in Guatemala, leading the way in both specialty coffee and conservation in his native land. The name Huixoc is extremely fitting for this location as there are several water springs located on the farm that help provide adequate moisture during the dry season and have also provided the energy to run the coffee mill throughout the years. 32 acres of this estate are a forest preserve where native species of trees are protected to provide refuge for wildlife, allowing this coffee to be Certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Shade trees cover the property to not only prevent coffee cherries from drying out on the bush, but to also aid in the soil quality through their contributions of organic matter for fertilization as well as the prevention of erosion.

Today Finca Huixoc is run by Jose Olivio’s grandson, Jose Alejandro Solis Chavez. Just as Jose Olivio did before him, Jose Alejandro continues the tradition of producing some of the most highly sought-after coffees in the world. We are beyond excited to share this one with you.

When brewed, expect a cup with a medium body and bright, lemon acidity accompanied by notes of cashew, red wine, and dark chocolate.


1,300- 1,600 masl

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