Kenya Mtaro Estate


Notes of cocoa, strawberry, and roasted almond accompanied by a tart lemon acidity and medium body.



As its name suggests, this washed coffee comes to us from the Mtaro Estate located in Juja, Kenya.

The Mtaro Estate gets its name from the hand dug trench, “mtaro,” that helps distribute the farm’s most essential resource, water. Having been built on soil largely composed of rich brown loam with  high water and nutrient retention, this farm is able to produce some of the most exceptional coffee in this region. Workers employed by the Mtaro Estate receive many benefits including fresh water, education for themselves and their children, medical care, and even housing. As all of the coffee harvested at the Estate is picked by hand and then pulped and dried on raised beds on the property, it is extremely important to ensure that the workers performing each of these essential tasks remain dedicated, happy, and healthy.

In addition to its commitment to the health and safety of its workers, The Mtaro Estate has also taken many steps to reduce its footprint on the environment, ensuring that scarce amounts of chemicals are used on the crops, tree cover is maintained to prevent erosion and over-deforestation, and waste water from the washing process is naturally filtered in filter beds before being re-used. The coffee plants are also fertilized using the mucilage left over from the cherry pulping process, meaning that very little product is wasted from the time a cherry is harvested to when the dried beans leave the Estate and head for the mill.

After tasting this coffee, there is no doubt that the social and environmental practices undertaken at Mtaro have hit their mark and resulted in a truly special crop.

Expect a clean, robust cup with a medium body and notes of cocoa, strawberry, and toasted almond rounded out by a tart lemon acidity.


1,600 masl
Tart lemon

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