Africa & Arabia

Available In Single Serve As Grind Option

Known for their rich, exotic flavor and aroma, these medium to full-bodied East African coffees have noticeably pointed acidity

  • Kenya Kanake


    Kanake is a personal favorite of ours. You will find the Kanake washing station on the upper elevations of the Aberdare Range in Kiambu county. It's truly picturesque -  nestled in between small tea farms and low laying clouds. High elevation (2100+ MASL) gives both the range required for developing acidity and the cool climate needed for preserving organic materials through drying. The result is a bright, juicy cup. 

    Region: Kiambu

    Elevation: 6,200 ft

    Varietals: SL 28, Ruiru 11, Batian

    Washing Method: Fully washed, 24-36 hour ferment, no soak

    Drying Method: Raised beds

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright
  • Tanzanian Mwalyego


    Description: Some of our favorite farmers from Tanzania's southern state of Mbeya brought us this drinkable cup!

    Flavors: crisp notes of cinnamon and peach tea acidity

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright
  • Kutisha Iced Coffee Blend


    A bold, bright and refreshing blend of East African coffees artfully crafted specifically for enjoying over ice. Medium to full bodied, with juicy notes of citrus, peach and mango. A refreshing and unique blend perfect for summer! Kutisha means AWESOME in Swahili

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright