Africa & Arabia

Available In Single Serve As Grind Option

Known for their rich, exotic flavor and aroma, these medium to full-bodied East African coffees have noticeably pointed acidity

  • Ethiopia Guji


    Producers bring their ripe harvests to central washing stations where the cherries are pulped and washed the same day with mountain spring water. The pulped coffee goes into a fermentation tank for 72 hours and is then washed, spread, and sun-dried for up to two weeks on raised beds. Notes of peach, cocoa, lemon candy, and black tea are present.

  • Kutisha Iced Coffee Blend


    A bold, bright and refreshing blend of East African coffees artfully crafted specifically for enjoying over ice. Medium to full bodied, with juicy notes of citrus, peach and mango. A refreshing and unique blend perfect for summer! Kutisha means AWESOME in Swahili

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright