Africa & Arabia

Available In Single Serve As Grind Option

Known for their rich, exotic flavor and aroma, these medium to full-bodied East African coffees have noticeably pointed acidity

  • Ethiopia Ardi


    Flavors: Apricot, Berries

    Process: Washed 

    Altitude: 1750-1950m'

    The Ardi is a unique Ethiopian heirloom variety that gets its name from Ardipithecus Ramidus, a 4.4 million year old fossil hominid found in the Great Rift Valley. The harvest this year was bountiful and flavorful thanks to healthy rainfall during the growing season. 

    Acidity: bright
  • Burundi Masha


     Region: Kayanza Province

    Process: Washed

    Flavor: Cashew and Dark Chocolate

    Acidity: Bright/Lemon

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright
  • Kutisha Iced Coffee Blend


    A bold, bright and refreshing blend of East African coffees artfully crafted specifically for enjoying over ice. Medium to full bodied, with juicy notes of citrus, peach, and mango. This is a refreshing and unique blend that is perfect for summer! Kutisha even means "awesome" in Swahili!

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright