Available In Single Serve As Grind Option

Our very popular coffees of South and Central America are medium to full-bodied with a clean and crisp finish

  • Guatemala Vistal Bosque


    Vistal Bosque is a family farm that rests along the final Guatemalan mountain range before you reach the Mexican border of La Mesilla. The farm is split up into three sections, and each section is managed by one of the three brothers. In the center of the farm is a processing area where they experiment and dial-in fermentation times ranging between 24-72 hours.

    This coffee expresses notes of chocolate, citrus, and honey.

  • Costa Rica Finca Fidel


    Costa Rica Finca Fidel is a small 1.5 hectare farm within the Western Valley of Costa Rica, owned by Oldmar Arrieta and Marlene Morera. They cultivate a single variety called Catura, which yields higher quality cherries when compared to many other varieties common throughout Costa Rica. 

    Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Pear, Guanabana

    Process: Washed,Honey

  • Honduras “Nancy Hernandez” Finca El Jazmin Honey Micro Lot


    Nancy Hernandez has helped her family with the entire coffee process since she was eight years old. She now has expanded her family's coffee business and even opened her own cafe.  This honey process brings out orange and honey with hints of peach and raspberry throughout the cup.

    Elevation: 5,085 ft

    Varietals: Catuai, Pacas, Bourbon 

    Processing Method: Honey 

    Drying Method: Raised beds 

    Flavor Notes: Orange, Honey, Peach, & Raspberry 

    Body: medium
    Acidity: bright